Online Marketing & Promotions

Online Marketing & Promotions
Online Marketing & Promotions

Online marketing and promotions, including viral marketing, buzz marketing, and online PR / public relations, can be an extremely valuable part of your marketing mix. OnPoint specializes in integrating these various components into your  overall campaign, optimizing your online marketing mix by creating a significant increase in operational efficiency. These services include:

Viral Marketing

Any online promotional activity that spreads itself like a virus i.e. rapidly and effectively, viral marketing is effective for both building awareness and driving action. It generates exponential xhamster customer recruitment, where consumers act as  agents, endorsing and promoting a company’s product. These agents are usually given incentives to pass along promotional messages and offers (typically spread through email and instant messaging), becoming a virtual sales force and minimizing the cost of customer acquisition.

Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing tactics target chat sites, message boards, newsgroups, and other forums enabling direct recruitment of consumers. These tactics create significant product & service recognition, building awareness and driving action by drawing  traffic to designated sites travestis xxx as well as influencing offline buying choices and behavior.

Online PR / Public Relations

Online public relations strategies including press release distribution to key special interest sites. These sites are a strategic link between companies and their potential customers, typically offering news, gossip, and other venues for the disbursement of details regarding existing and upcoming products. These sites can be an extremely important venue for reaching consumers with targeted online PR and product information activities.

If applicable, all three online marketing and promotions’ culonas components, including buzz marketing, viral marketing, and online PR / public relations, should be added to your overall campaign to maximize your marketing mix.

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