Vodafone Foundation Mobile for Good Europe Awards 2013


Building on the success of the Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards 2011 and 2012, this year we will launch the Vodafone Foundation Mobile for Good Europe Awards.

The Smart Accessibility Awards focussed on promoting the development of smartphone applications to help disabled and ageing people overcome accessibility barriers. This year we will broaden the scope of the competition. We will offer a shared prize fund of €200,000 towards the development of smartphone applications in 3 categories plus we will launch a new category focussed on stimulating research and thought leadership in the area of mobilising public services in the developed context.

The official categories of the Mobile for Good Awards Europe 2013 are:


We want to make smartphones as accessible as possible. In this category, we will look at applications (‘apps’) that help people with disabilities and/or the elderly to improve their quality of life and overcome barriers.


Mobile health (mHealth) can bring about innovative solutions to overcome challenges in areas such as real time patient monitoring and collection and distribution of health related data. By using mobile technology, we can deliver healthcare in a new way. This means more freedom, self-reliance and safety for patients as well as cost and time savings.


Making education mobile can revolutionize the way in which we learn.  Applications can empower teachers and students by allowing them to use mobile devices as teaching and learning tools. Mobile technology can also be key in unleashing the power of data, by offering new analytical tools, promoting inclusion in education or by improving social mobility.

Mobilising public services:

In this category we will look at ideas on how national, regional and local governments can leverage mobile technology to enhance the delivery of public services.  Mobile technology is making a substantial difference in areas such as finance, healthcare and education. This category is focussed on investing in innovative concepts, developed on the basis of solid research, which highlight how mobile solutions can be taken to scale for the advantage of both authorities and the public.

How to enter

Please visit the Submit your entry section of this website to read more and to learn how you can enter the competition. The closing date for applications is 12:00 GMT on 15 October 2013.

The prizes

The Vodafone Foundation Mobile for Good Europe Awards share a prize fund of €200.000 between the four categories of Health, Education, Accessibility and Public Services. Each category will award the best three applications with the following amounts:

  • 1st €30.000
  • 2nd €15.000
  • 3rd €5.000

Finalist and winner selection process

The competition will consist of a 2-stage jury process with category finalists notified in November and the finalists invited to a final live judging round in Brussels mid December.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for prototype apps in the areas of health, education & accessibility to help provide effective and efficient benefit to target users. The investment from the Vodafone Foundation will be dedicated to the further development of these apps in bringing them to market. Within the final category of mobilising public services, we will be looking for the written presentation of ideas and concepts, rooted in research, exploring the mobilisation of public services in the developed context.

You can read more on the Entry Criteria page and within the Competition Terms and Conditions.

For more information about the Vodafone Foundation please go to www.vodafonefoundation.org/m4gplayer.